• Getting set up!

    Good morning! 

    You should use this time to catch up on missing Ap Computer Science assignments. I know some of your guys were not able to get your assignments from the school computers in time and won't be able to make any progress on those assignments.

    I set up a codehs class for our class. Please got to codehs.com and set up a free account. Join the class with the class code 3871F.  Please review chapters 6, 7, and 8. These chapters deal with arrays, arrayLists, and 2D arrays.

    If you want to go further please also start chapter 10 dealing with recursion. Recursion is the last topic we will discuss in class when you all come back.


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  • Chapter 6, 7, and 8 on codehs

    I will be monitoring your progress on codehs to see how things are going in the class. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at davidolszewski@eriesd.org. You do not need to complete all the assignments in those chapters. Please use this for enrichment and review. If you feel that you understand a topic well, you may skip that lesson. 



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  • Ap Test Information

    I hope everyone is going well. Here is a link where you can find more information about what college board is doing for the ap tests this year.


    Test information you should read

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  • Looking into the future

    For those of you pursuing computer science or know that you will be taking a computer science class later on in life (most of you will), I suggest you go to the college's website you want to apply to, or are already accepted too. 

    Send me an email telling me what language they teach, and I'll create lessons to help you.

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