• Instructions for 3/30 - 4/10

    Good morning! Please continue to do all of the things that you need to do with Budget Challenge: paying bills on time, completing the weekly quizzes, adjusting spreadsheets, etc.

    I have created a Google Classroom account for this class. I did not separate it into separate class periods, so everyone will be signing up using the same class code:


    Please make signing up for this Google class a priority as we will likely be moving instruction to that site when everything becomes mandatory on April 20th.

    Thanks and have a great day!


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    Continue checking your Budget Challenge Accounts. Even if you don't have to do anything actively in the account, you still need to log in at least a few times a week for the engagement points.

    As always, check your Dashboard Alerts for anything new that has come up, and take action on the necessary items (paying bills, for example).

    Also, regularly check your checking accounts and credit card accounts for new activity. Since you should have paid your last credit card bill in full (it was due yesterday!) you should not have to worry about going over the $500 mark any time soon.

    Make sure you are making all necessary spreadsheet adjustments as you go. You will still be required to show a spreadsheet that matches your checking account at some point after we return to school.

    You should have taken the Building Credit quiz last week. If you didn't, then do it this week along with the new Credit Cards quiz. Remember, you can access the reading material that I hand out to you right on the quiz page.

    Finally, each Stock Market Game team should make at least one trade this week. Check your balances, cry a little, see if you can find a company to invest in that is actually making money during the crisis, and buy some stock!

    Email me with any questions!


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    You should be regularly checking on your Budget Challenge account during the shutdown. Make sure that you are looking at your Dashboard Alerts and acting on the items that need to be addressed.

    If you haven't already done so, make your Credit Card payment TODAY (3/18). It is due on Sunday, but since you can't make any payments on Sunday, you will have to date it for Saturday and today is the last day to make the deadline. ALSO: OPEN THE INVOICE AND PAY THE ENTIRE BILL THAT IS DUE! Paying your entire credit card bill is the next Trophy to earn, so pay the entire amount on the invoice.

    Also, complete the credit building quiz for the week.

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