• New Grading Procedures

    I have decided that from now on there will only be one grade in the grade book each week for all of your Articles and Videos. In order to be marked complete for the Articles and Videos you must have completed at least 70% of them. You should still be completing all of them since you will need to know that content for the Exercises, Quizzes, and Tests. Exercises, Quizzes, and Tests will be graded individually and you must score a 70% or higher to be marked complete.

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  • Instructions for Online Learning

    Please review the following instructions. Pay especially close attention to the last bullet. 

    - Every week assignments will be posted at the beginning of the week and will be due that Friday.

    - Assignments are all self guided and primarily will consist of articles, videos, exercise questions, quizzes and tests.

    - Everything is on-line and nothing needs to be printed or copied.

    - You are required to read ALL articles and view all videos.

    - The questions at the end of articles are for checking your own understanding only. You will not need to submit those, however you will be responsible for knowing that information for the Exercise Questions, Quizzes, and Tests.

    - Some assignments require you to answer multiple choice questions electronically. These will be the Exercise Questions, Quizzes, and Tests. Your results will be tracked by Khan Academy. 

    - Exercise Questions, Quizzes, and Tests can be tried multiple times. These will be counted as incomplete until you score a 70% or higher.


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  • Assignments for 4/27 through 5/1

    Below is the list of assignments for this week. These are all due by Friday. If you still have assignments that you have not completed from last week remember that they are mandatory. Try to get caught up because I will be updating the gradebook soon.

    • The Presidency of Woodrow Wilson: Article
    • Blockades, U-Boats, and the Sinking of the Lusitania: Video
    • Zimmerman Telegram: Video
    • United States Enters World War I: Video
    • Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points: Video
    • Paris Peace Conference and Treaty of Versailles: Video
    • More Detail on the Treaty of Versailles and Germany: Video
    • The Treaty of Versailles
    • The League of Nations: Video
    • World War I: Military and Diplomacy: Formative Questions
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  • Mandatory Online Learning

    Today we begin mandatory online learning. All assignments are posted for the week. I set the due date for all of this weeks assignments for Friday at 11:59PM so you can work at your own pace. If you have any questions please e-mail me.

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  • This Weeks Assignment

    The assignment for this week are listed below:

    - Catch up on all previous assignments.

    - If you have not signed up for Google Classroom please use the code in the previous post to sign up. You must use your district G-Mail account and not your personal account or it will not let you join. 

    - E-mail me with any questions.

    - For those taking the AP Exam please spend time this week using the AP Exam study resources on your AP College Board account and that I have posted on the class site under "AP US HIstory Exam Resources."

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  • Online Learning Becomes Mandatory on Mon 4/20.

    Hello! I hope everyone is doing well. Starting on Monday April 20th the online learning will become mandatory as the assignments will be graded. Work that was assigned prior to April 20th is enrichment only and will not be graded. All assignments posted on or after April 20th will be counted in the grade book. We will continue to utilize Khan Academy for this just as we have been doing. Please use the code below to sign up for Google Classroom. You MUST use your district gmail account or it will not work. 

    A-1: d2x6rfr

    A-4: 5z5x5df

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  • On-Line Learning

    Welcome to Mr. Franz's online learning. I hope everyone is staying healthy and practicing social distancing. Hopefully we will all be back together soon.

    The Khan Academy on-line learning class is set up and running. This weeks assignments have been posted. Here is how it will work. 

    - All assignments for the week will be posted at the beginning of each week. 

    - Assignments are all self guided and primarily will consist of articles, videos, practice questions, quizzes and tests.

    - Everything is on-line and nothing needs to be printed or copied.

    - The only work that will be submittied will be those questions that you answer electronically.

    - The questions at the end of articles are for checking your own understanding only. You will not need to submit those.

    - We will continue to follow the A-B schedule so there will be  assignments due each A-Day. (See the calendar on the Collegiate website)

    - I will monitor your progress thoughout the week and answer any questions you may have. I will be checking my e-mail around 9:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M. every day. Feel free to e-mail me any time with any questions. 

    - I will make general class announcements through Remind and on this site. 

    Enjoy learning from your couch for the time being. 

    I Hope to see you all again soon. 


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  • Online Learning Starting on Mon 3/23.

    As we move to online learning you will use the link below to sign up for your class using your Khan Academy account. All work will be completed and submitted in Khan Academy. Please sign up by Friday 3/20/20. We will be going live starting on Monday 3/23/20 when assignments will be posted. I will send more instructions through Remind by Friday. 


    A-1: https://www.khanacademy.org/join/ZJDTB6WF

    A-4: https://www.khanacademy.org/join/3RN3W8P8

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  • Technology Survey

    Click on the link below and complete the survey.


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  • Chapter 22-25 Test Review Guide

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