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    • Enrichment Assignments for APRIL 6 - APRIL 10

      I have listed the enrichment assignments for the week below. I know that everyone has different schedules, therefore I listed all the enrichment assignments without breaking it up by day. It can slowly be worked on throughout the week. New material will be posted for next week. If you have questions, feel free to email me at sandramiller@eriesd.org. I will be checking my email continuously. 

      Students may complete one reading, one word practice, and one math practice daily as well as 30 minutes of CKLA Amplify Reading and 30 minutes of i-Ready

      Tell those kiddos I have been checking up on them online for i-Ready and CKLA Amplify Reading to see their progress! :)


      Reading and Language Arts Enrichment Assignments 

      • Read the Story: Mandrills Story Page 1 Mandrills Story Page 2
        • It is a long story. If your child is struggling with some of the words, encourage them to tap out the sounds or help them along with it. 
        • Read the story a few times on Monday and Tuesday before completing the questions. 
        • Complete the questions for the story: Mandrills Questions Page 1 Mandrills Questions Page 2
        • Writing Enrichment Option: Mandrills Writing Page 1 Mandrills Writing Page 2
          • This is provides students with a chance to practice their writing skills. It is optional. We have done these orally and as a whole class, but some students might enjoy writing about it. 
      • Word Practice: Noun and Verb Page 1 Noun and Verb Page 2
        • We have been working on the difference of nouns versus verbs. A reminder for students: a noun is a person, place, thing, or animal; a proper noun is the name of a person or place or company; a verb is an action (we haven't talked about linking verbs yet.)
        • The directions are listed on the side of the page; circle the noun and draw a squiggly line under the verb. 
      • Word Practice: Sounds in the Words Page 1 Page 2
        • Students circle the sounds in the words, looking for vowel pairs and diagraphs, and practice printing the word. 
        • The directions are listed on the side of the page; circle each sound spelling and count the number of sounds in the word. Record the number in the box.
      • Spelling Word Review: Spelling Word Review List 
        • Practice each of the spelling words. You can practice writing them on any paper, using magentic letters (if available at home), or even just practice spelling the letters out loud. 
      • Word Reading Fluency: Word Cards 1 Word Cards 2
        • These words all contain short vowels and are decodable.
        • Practice tapping the sounds, if needed, and reading each word. Each word card set is a few pages long, providing extra practice for our readers. 

      **If you are unable to print these activities, that is ok! Just view them on your device and have your child read and answer the questions orally!** 

      Math Enrichment Assignments 

      • Complete the activity: Match to Make 10 Directions Page Recording Sheet Number Cards
        • Put the cards face down. (If you do not have access to a printer, any number cards 0-10 work. Playing cards, note cards, etc.)
        • Turn over two cards.
        • Add.
        • If they make ten, take the match and record the equation.
        • If they don't match, turn them back over. 
      • Complete the practice: Addition Table
        • Add to find the sum.
        • Remember to use your strategies: Counting up, making a ten, or drawing the dot amount for each number to count. 
      • Number Partners Practice for Addition: Number Partners Fact Practice
        • Solve for the number partners.
      • Counting Practice: Number Grid
        • Practice counting by 1's saying each number.
        • Practice counting by 5's.
        • Practice counting by 10's.
        • Practice coutning by 2's.
      • Try some online flash cards: https://www.factmonster.com/math/flashcards 
        • This is great daily practice! Try one level a day to improve your skills. Be quick! See how many you can solve in 2 minutes and then work to beat your score!

      **If you are unable to print these activities, that is ok! Just view them on your device and have your child record the addition questions on any piece of paper or practice orally!**