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  • Enrichment Assignments for MARCH 23 - MARCH 27

    I have listed the enrichment assignments for the week below. I know that everyone has different schedules, therefore I listed all the enrichment assignments without breaking it up by day. It can slowly be worked on throughout the week. New material will be posted for next week. If you have questions, feel free to email me at sandramiller@eriesd.org. I will be checking my email. 

    Students may complete one reading, one word practice, and one math practice daily as well as 30 minutes of CKLA Amplify Reading and 30 minutes of i-Ready

    Tell those kiddos I have been checking up on them online for i-Ready and CKLA Amplify Reading to see their progress! :)

    Reading and Language Arts Enrichment Assignments 

    **If you are unable to print these activities, that is ok! Just view them on your device and have your child read and answer the questions orally!** 

    Math Enrichment Assignments 

    • Complete the activity: Counting On Game
      • This game calls for linking cubes, but any counters can be used to help students practice counting up.
      • The addition strategy for counting on, 6 -7 -8- 9 for 6+3 is the skill being practiced in this game. It says partners, but this game can be played with one or multiple children.
    • Complete the practice: Counting On Practice Pages
      • This worksheet reminds the students what it looks like and sounds like to count on, number 5 is a challenge question requiring to think about the mistake and how to correct it. 
    • Fluency Practice for Addition: Adding Doubles Facts
      • Try counting on to become faster at adding doubles, if you don't have them memorized. 
    • Try some online flash cards: https://www.factmonster.com/math/flashcards 
      • This is great daily practice! Try one level a day to improve your skills. Be quick! See how many you can solve in 2 minutes and then work to beat your score!

    **If you are unable to print these activities, that is ok! Just view them on your device and have your child record the addition questions on any piece of paper or practice orally!**