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Past Due Assignments

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  • Classic Literature of the Western World

     Mrs. Ditrich

    874-6300 ext. 2030

     mrsditrich@gmail.com or jditrich@eriesd.org

      1st Semester

     This course is designed for students who have completed both AP English Language & Composition and AP English Literature & Composition, although some students may be enrolled concurrently in AP Lit & Comp.  Students will complete two semesters of college level course work that explores the foundations of Western thought and literature and encompasses important works from 2500 B.C. through the present.  Historical context and cultural traditions will also serve as guides for study.  Students will prepare both short and long written responses that may include secondary critical support.  All students are expected to prepare for and participate in the daily class discussions of assigned readings.  Participation in discussion is expected every class. Absent students may make-up a missed participation grade by completing an alternate assignment.

     Text:  The Norton Anthology of Western Literature Volume 1, Eighth Edition

     Readings, Volume 1: (all reading assignments include the introductory material provided in the text)


    • Gilgamesh
    • Beowulf
    • The Bible: The Old Testament                                    
    • from The Song of Roland
    • Homer                                                                        
    • Marie de France
    • Sappho of Lesbos                                                       
    • Dante Alighieri
    • Aeschylus                                                                  
    • Giovanni Boccacio
    • Euripides                                                                    
    • Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
    • Aristophanes                                                              
    • Geoffrey Chaucer
    • Aristotle                                                                     
    • Francis Petrarch Everyman
    • Plato                                                                           
    • Virgil                                                                           
    • Niccolo Machiavelli     
    • Ovid                                                                          
    • Miguel de Cervantes
    • Petronius                                                                   
    • John Milton    
    • The Bible: The New Testament                                                                                 

     2nd Semester

     Text:  The Norton Anthology of Western Literature Volume 2, Eighth Edition

     Readings, Volume 2: (all reading assignments include the introductory material provided in the text)


    • Moliere                                    
    • Melville                       
    • Yeats  
    • Swift                                      
    • Dickinson                  
    • DeMaupassant
    • Pope                                        
    • Flaubert                      
    • Proust
    • Voltaire                                 
    • Dostoevsky                 
    • Mann
    • Rousseau                                 
    • Tolstoy                        
    • Wilde                            
    •   Goethe                                     
    • Ibsen                          
    • Eliot
    • Blake                                      
    • Tennyson                     
    • Joyce
    • Wordsworth                            
    • Browning                    
    • Whitman
    • Coleridge                                
    • Kafka                          
    • Chekhov
    • Shelley                                       
    • Douglass
    • Keats                                   
    • Woolf



     In class assignments: essays, quizzes, tests, class work                      35%

     Out of class assignments: essays, projects, reading responses           35%

     Class discussion/participation                                                                30% 



     ·        The Re-Test must be completed within 2 weeks from the original test date.

     ·        A minimum of one required study session must be scheduled during special help night in order for a student to Re-Test.

     ·        The Re-Test will be scheduled before or after school unless other arrangements have been made. A 20-80% formula will be used to determine the final test grade. The teacher will use 20% of the lowest test grade plus 80% of the highest test grade for the final grade.  The students and teachers will compute the final test grade together.

     ·        Re-tests are not permitted on quizzes.



     Failure to turn in homework will result in receiving a zero for the assignment and homework will still have to be completed.



     Anyone found to have cheated on a quiz or exercise, or to have plagiarized or fabricated all or part of any assignment will receive an F for the course.  Please refer to the Collegiate Academy policy for homework and retests.



     Attendance is an essential element for success in this course, and participation in class activities is mandatory.  You should arrive at class on time and be prepared to participate in the discussions and other activities.  It is your responsibility to get missed work by checking in with me. No make-up exercises or quizzes will be given without a valid excuse documented on Infinite Campus.