• SATURDAY, APRIL 12 vs Diehl

    Roosevelt 6th grade girls won 26-23 (Record 1-0)

    Lina O'Hara lead the team with 14 points. Followed by Zada Frith with four points; Jovonna Clinton, Amber Frisch, Kayliah Edmonds and Shawnea Johnson all with two points each.

     SATURDAY, APRIL 19 vs Harding 

    Roosevelt 6th grade girls won 22-13 (Record 2-0). Lina O'Hara lead the team with 10 points. Followed by Alexis Marzullo with eight points; Jovonna Clinton and Layliah Edmonds each with two points.


    The girls took an unfortunate loss to Connell. The final score was 27-16.
    Lina O'Hara had 10 points; followed by Alexis Marzulloand and Shawnea Johnson each with 2 points.
    The girls took their second loss of the season to EG. The final score was 27-14.
    Lina O'Hara lead the girls in scoring.


    May 8, 2014 6th Grade Girls Basketball : Roosevelt vs Wilson

    Roosevelt won 11-9 The girls are now 3-2. Alexis Marzullo made a 3 point shot with just over a minute left to go in the game, which put the lady Rough Riders up by 2! Alexis and Lina O'Hara lead the girls each with three points. Followed by Kaliyah Edmonds and Jovonna Clinton each with two points and Zada Frith with one point.


    s with 8 points; followed by Alexis Marzulloand Kaliyah Edmonds each with 2 points.