Adjustments to Content in AP Classroom

As you should have seen in the AP information I previously posted the AP Exam is going to consist of one DBQ question. They have narrowed the content in which that question can come from down to 5 units. When they talk about units they are talking about units of periodization. The units of periodization that the Exam question could come from are units 3-7. I have them listed below. So I went back into the AP Classroom and removed the progress checks from Units 1-2 and 8-9. So the only progress checks that are assigned now are for units 3-7 which apply to the Exam question. Unfortunately You also want to make sure you review the modified DBQ Rubric that I posted previously. I am hoping to schedule a Zoom meeting in the near future to review for the exam. I will try to set up a few sessions to give you options to fit your schedule. I will notify you through Remind. In the mean time if you have questions feel free to e-mail me. 
Unit 3: 1754 - 1800
Unit 4: 1800 - 1848
Unit 5: 1844 - 1877
Unit 6: 1865 - 1898
Unit 7: 1890 - 1945
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