• 3 + 3 = 6 to a vacation!  Let’s keep the learning going!

    The Week Ahead

    We have 3-day week this week.  It will be packed with information and learning.  We break our three days up with a field trip to Collegiate Academy on Tuesday. We close the week with Parent-Teacher conferences on Thursday, 11/21, and Friday, 11/22.  Parent teacher conference hours are 11am-7pm on Thursday and 8am-12noon on Friday.  I hope to see you!

    Monday everyone has class and we are beginning to work on cells and genetics.  This should be a review for most of the students.  Many of them have been asking about Punnett Squares – “When are we doing Punnett Squares, Mr. Bryan?”  The time has come.  Monday is also the due date for their 4-paragraph paper.  I hope to be able to share them with you when you come to visit later in the week!

    Tuesday is the Collegiate Field Trip.  We should leave at 8:45am, return by 10:30am and have 1st and 2nd period.  That gives those two classes a “day up” on periods 4 and 5. 

    Wednesday we will continue into Punnett Squares, genetics, heredity and ratios.  This is, as I mentioned before, a review for the majority of the students.  We should have this wrapped up by Thanksgiving Break.  Thanksgiving?  Wow, we are there already? 

    The Week Past

    Monday’s vocabulary quiz didn’t go very well for some students.  I have always reminded them about the quizzes, but the study habits have not improved.  We may have to begin to study the vocabulary words in class.  We also got everyone squared away for their presentations.  I hope they are working hard on them.  They are due on the 25th-27th.

    We did wrap up adaptation on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, should know the difference between a structural and a behavioral adaptation.  Everyone should also know that adaptation happens over long periods of time, not just overnight.  This applies to both structural and behavioral.

    We also completed one of the two labs I wanted to get done Tuesday into Wednesday.  We discussed how 3 variables (temperature, humidity, and light) affected the hatching rates of MWB’s.  It took us two tries to get it correct, but I’m pretty sure we have it now.  We did some work on new vocabulary words and reviewed our quizzes, too.

    Thursday was the PAYS survey in the computer lab.  Once students were done, they were able research for their paper or group presentation.  I would like to thank all the students for their patience and determination to get through the survey.  It was long.

    Friday, we toured EHS.  We had plenty of areas to visit:  Auto Mechanics; welding; electrical work; business management; nurse’s training; and the list went on.  Each group from A pod visited close to 15 different areas of study.  There are so many choices that no one should be lacking for an area they want to pursue.

    News and Notes

    Keep sending your student to Extra Help if it is requested.  It is every Wednesday from 2:55-3:25pm.  Even if I don’t request your son/daughter for EH, they can still come.  It is a great time to study, make up missed work, and ask questions about previous/new material.

    GoCollege tutoring has also started.  Contact Ms. Byrd at the school if you are interested in having your student stay for some tutoring on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

    Is your student struggling to keep up?  Let’s talk and see if we can clear up the issues.  Call me at (814) 874-6500 and I will respond as soon as possible.  Email is another great communication tool.  My email is dbryan@eriesd.org.  I normally respond to all calls/emails within 24 hours.



    Mr. Bryan


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