• What is PMEA?

    The Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA) is a statewide nonprofit organization of over 4,500 members, dedicated to promoting the musical development of all Pennsylvanians. The present membership evolved from a small group of band directors dating from 1933. Today, the organization includes those engaged in music instruction at all levels, from preschool through college and university, as well as those in the music industry, merchandising and publishing. The organization promotes and supports quality music education, learning and performance as well as promoting and supporting music education in schools and communities. PMEA is affiliated with The National Association for Music Education, NAfME.

    PMEA offers advanced high school students opportunities to participate in their festival system.  These festivals challenge and provide an enriching experience for the students who perform and compete at them.  
    Which instrumental festivals can Collegiate Academy students participate in?
    • District Jazz Band
    • District Band
    • Region Band
    • District Orchestra
    • Western Region Orchestra
    • All-State Band, Jazz Band, and Orchestra 
    How do you qualify to participate in a festival? 
    • You must be currently enrolled in an instrumental class that corresponds with the festival you are interested in.
    • You need to keep your grades at an acceptable, passing level. 
    • You must be currently enrolled in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade.
    • You may have to audition for Ms. Federowicz and/or Mrs. Dolan for her to determine a ranking of all interested and qualified musicians.
    • At each festival you will need to audition both to determine your chair at that festival and also to see if you are eligible to move on to the next festival. 
    • For District Jazz Band and All State Jazz Band there are separate auditions. More information will be provided as needed.
     What are the expectations for my festival participation?
    • You will spend time independently preparing your music.  
    • If you need assistance from Ms. Federowicz or Mrs. Dolan, you will seek her help.  
    • You will stay committed to participating in the festival.
    • You will follow the PMEA rules and guidelines and our school district's policies for the duration of the festival.
    • You will encourage your family to attend the concert and take you home following the concert.