• ART 1 and ART 2- Weekly assignments will be posted to google classroom.  You will be required to submit sketches weekly, by 3:30 on Fridays.  All sketches will be assessed from the provided rubric and be recorded on infinite campus as complete or incomplete. Final quarter grading and attendance will be based upon the work that is submitted.

    ART 3- Continue to work with your found objects.  You will be turning in two of these weekly and working from the sketchbook prompts on google classroom.  Alll grading will be based on the provided rubric on google classroom.  The calculations will be recorded as incomplete or complete on infinite campus. The submission of your work will also be reflected in your attendance.  

    Cartooning and Animation- Cont. to watch you tube videos that show stop motion animation. A link to one follows.  Your assignments will be posted weekly on google classroom.  We will be continuing with imaginative drawings that will help you expand upon your creative and technical skills.  All grading will be based upon the provided rubric. Assignments will be due by 3:30 pm on Fridays.  Final quarter grade will consist of a pass/ fail in referrence to the provided guidelines. Attendance will be recorded based upon your assignments that are submitted weekly. All grading will be recorded on infinite campus.

    AP Studio- cont. to work on your breadth and concentration pieces.  Upload them to the college board website.  I will individually supply feedback to you bi-weekly or as needed beginning April 20th.  Feel free to contact me through remind or via e-mail/ google classroom for feedback.  The college board HAS EXTENDED the deadline for portfolio submission.  Your portfolio will be due to me by May 19th prior to FiINAL submission to the AP coordinator. A holistic grade will be derived final quarter using the AP guidelines that can be found in google classroom and follows as an attachment.  You will recieve a pass/ fail for the final quarter based on these guidelines.  Attendance is recorded based on the submission of your work via the Google form and the college board submission site as well as your critiques. Portfolios should be turned in (forwarded) next week, I requested them to be forwarded on Tuesday however based upon your final critique the day may change. Regardless, they must be turned in by the end of next week as Monday is a Holiday.