• Language Arts 10
    1 Credit
    Grade 10
    This course is designed to integrate writing, reading, and speaking skills in the English language, building on skills learned in English 9. Areas to be addressed include research; reading to make sense of various texts; writing in narrative, persuasive and informational styles for a variety of purposes; becoming effective listeners through audio media and oral presentations; using technology as a resource tool; working effectively with others; understanding and appreciating social issues; and understanding, evaluating, and responding critically to works literature. There is emphasis on language usage and word choice. Students complete research using traditional and electronic information resources; read a variety of texts including short stories, poetry, drama, biographies, and autobiographies; respond orally and in writing to the text they read.
    Required summer reading: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Incoming sophomores must complete the summer reading assignment before the first day of school. The assignment can be found on the Collegiate Academy website.