• With back to school fast approaching, here is a brief list of items you might need for science class:

    1)  At least one notebook - hopefully three hole punched already

    2) A 3-ring binder to keep organized

    3)  At least one EXPO marker (or dry erase marker) - please don't buy a whole set, unless it is cheaper (and then share)

    4)  Legible handwriting (I can decipher almost anything, but it does make it easier)

    5)  An open mind (Not extra holes in the head - how many do you already have? - but a willingness to learn)

    6)  Solid study habits (If you don't have them, we can work on that)

    7)  A working email and/or phone number for parent/teacher contact (This is a must)

    8)  An understanding that SCIENCE has all three other CORE disciplines (Math, Language Arts, and Social Studies) imedded in it (We will use them)

    9)  The understanding that YOU earn YOUR grade - RIGHT NOW, YOU HAVE AN A. 


    ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS - As a teacher, I prefer pen over pencil.  I hate erasing.  If you are changing a thought, recorded a wrong answer, or made some type of error - DON'T PANIC!  Draw line through it and move on. Erasing leads to sloppy work, torn or ripped papers and more frustration than it is worth!

    217 is HOT (and I mean HOT) in the fall and spring.  Dress accordingly, especially 4th and 5th period. 

    8th grade is the launching pad for your high school career.  Be ready to prepare for the future!