• Swift Club

    Advisor: David Olszewski

    The Swift Club will give students an opportunity to learn the fundamental skills necessary for success as software developers and, more specifically, as Swift/iOS developers.

    Nearly 200 billion apps have been downloaded from Apple’s App Store since its 2008 launch, and Swift, Apple’s open-source, modern, dynamic programming language built for the next generation of developers, is the language of choice for many developers. With the extreme growth of software engineering jobs and the increasing popularity of Apple’s App Store, programming skills are fundamental to modern education, and Swift is the language to learn.

    Students will learn about the basics of programming: how to think logically about problems, how to apply code to problems, data types, variables, constants, control flow, object-oriented programming, generics, optionals, and more. Students will solve simple and complex problems using the skills they’ve learned. By the end of the year, students will have a solid foundational understanding of the Swift programming language and its application in real-world scenarios. You can learn more about Swift at apple.com/swift and at swift.org.