• Ecoscenario Paper

         Each student had to choose one organism from their group's ecoscenario.  After choosing, they had to write a brief paper (3 paragraphs) following a specific rubric that was provided on page 44 of their binder material.  Here are the specifics of the paper:

    Notes on Your Paper

      1. The paper must be typed.
      2. You must use at least 12pt. and no more than 14pt.
      3. You must use proper sentence structure: punctuation, capitalization and grammar. Proofread.
      4. No pictures or graphs are necessary.
      5. Summarize waht you read and find.  Do not cut and paste.
      6. If you are sending by email attachment, my email address is:  dbryan@eriesd.org

    Ecoscenario Project

         Each class split into groups randomly and chose a certain ecoscenario to study.  All the information needed to complete the project was located on the www.fossweb.com website and on pages 42-44 in their binders.  Groups had the choice to present via poster or powerpoint.  All powerpoints should be emailed or saved to a jump drive.  If saved on a jump drive, the jump drive must be brought in to class the day of the presentation.

         Each group will be graded on the provided rubric.  Students will also take ntoes on other presentations as part of theri grade.