Q: Do I have to take the AP exam?
    A: No, it is not required to take the exam, but if you score high enough you can get college credit.
    Q: When are the exams offered?
    A: All AP exams are taken the first two weeks of May 2021, even for classes ending after the first semester.
    Q: When do I have to make the decision to take the exam?
    A: If you are taking the class now, you have until November 6 to decide, if your class is in the second semester you have until Friday, March 5.
    Q: When do I have to pay for the exam?
    A: All payments are due no later than April 15, 2021. 
    Q: If I am taking AP classes in both the fall and the spring semester, can I wait to make one payment for the exams?
    A: Yes, you can wait to make one payment in the spring.
    Q: How do I qualify for a fee waiver?
    A: If your family receives benefits (SNAP, Cash Assistance, Medicaid), or you meet the guidelines based on the USDA Food and Nutrition Service Income Eligibility Guidelines for 2020-21, you can qualify for a fee waiver.
    Q: How do I prove I qualify?
    A: If you are using income to qualify, you will need to provide an income statement. We can gather qualifying information from the local county assistance office if you are qualifying via receiving benefits.
    Q: How much are the exams?
    A: Full priced exams are $95, or $53 with a fee waiver (Capstone exams are $143).
    Q: How can I pay?
    A: We accept cash, money orders (made out to Collegiate Academy), debit, or credit card. Cards can be processed by calling Ms. King at 874-6306
    Q: How can I study for AP exams in the spring if my class is in the first semester?
    A: Students are encouraged to utilize the resources uploaded by the College Board into AP classroom to prepare for the exams.