• Graduation Requirements
    A minimum of 29.0 credits (grades 9-12) is required for graduation from Collegiate Academy.  These credits shall include the following:
    Language Arts 4 credits
    Mathematics 4 credits
    Science 4 credits
    Social Studies 4 credits
    Wellness & Fitness    1.5 credits   
    World Language    3 credits
    Research 0.5 credit
    Microsoft Office 0.5 credit
    Electives 7.5 credits
    • Students must take a minimum of three (3) Advanced Placement and/or Dual Enrollment courses.
    • Students who double up in a core subject one year must still take a class in that subject the following year.  For example, a student who takes two science classes in his or her sophomore year must still take a science class in his or her junior year.
    • Every Collegiate Academy student must apply to a four-year college or university of his or her choice during senior year.
    • Students planning to graduate early must meet all of the graduation requirements above.  These students should schedule a meeting with the guidance counselor at the end of their sophomore year to develop an early-graduation plan.