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    Due to the indefinite leave from school, students in my classes are responsible for getting in any assignments that were due before March 13th dismissal. Assignments can be submitted on Turnitin or through my email: eparthenakis@eriesd.org . Please look at the classes listed below for your COVID-19 enrichment assignments.
     Name: Ms. Elena Parthenakis   
    School: Northwest PA Collegiate Academy
    School Phone: 814-874-6300 ext 2045
    Room #: 220 and KingTV studio
    Language Arts 10 Honors
    Remind Code: @la10parth
    Turnitin # 22892031
                Enrollment Key: Pride
    COVID-19 Enrichment Assignments: Students will choose a novel (fiction or non-fiction) that they would like to read and submit the title and reason they have selected that novel on turnitin.com in the Discussion catagory. You cannot select a novel that was made into a movie/show,etc. As you read, log in to turnitin.com to answer journal questions in the section where you submit papers. There are several novels free online (obooko.com is fantastic - you have to create an account, but it is free.) and through the Erie County Public Library.  If you have difficulty finding a young adult novel or non-fiction book, please contact me. 
    Research Paper - Students who have not submitted their research papers or research-related work, can now do so without late penalties. 
    Remind Code: @msparthe
    Turnitin# 24029247
                Enrollment Key: pride
     COVID-19 Enrichment Assignment: Students will watch or read the news and respond to journals on turnitin.com.   
    Media Studies
    Remind Code: @msparthen
    Turnitin# 24361784
                Enrollment Key: corona
    Enrichment Assignments: View the selected talks and if you would like, send me an email of what you found interesting. I did my best to find interesting and media-related talks.
    Remind Code: @kingtv
     COVID-19 Enrichment Assignment: Students will be responsible for coming up with interesting ideas for specials to be completed when we come back to school. 
    News Magazine (The Pride)
    Remind Code: @magazin
    Turnitin # 22325608
                 Enrollment Key:Pride
     COVID-19 Enrichment Assignment: Students will complete their articles assigned before Friday, March 13, and submit them on turnitin.com.
    Friday, February 23, 2024
    3:07:32 AM