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    Name: Shelly Daubenspeck
    School: Strong Vincent Middle School
    School Phone: 874-6500
    Room #: 224
    Classes: English as a Second Language
    Welcome Message:
    Hujambo    Namaste    Salam     Wadeikum    Privit    Hola    Minggalaba    Hello!
    If needed, please use the "TRANSLATE" option on Erie's Public Schools homepage.
    In order for English learners to be successful in school and ultimately in the world outside school, they must be able to use English to accomplish their academic, personal, and social goals with the same proficiency as native speakers of English. In learners of English as a Second Language classroom, English learners will learn how to use spoken and written English both to acquire academic content and to demonstrate their learning. English Learners will also learn how to follow routine classroom instructions given in English and understand and use appropriate communication patterns so that they can be successful learners in academic environments.