Trips to Germany with NPCA Students


    Every year since starting at NPCA, I've had the honor of taking a small group of our students to Germany in the summer. The typical trip is a 3 week summer stay with a host familiy. Here are some pictures of each trip. Have your student talk to me if they are interested in the criteria, or email me if you have questions!

    At Neuschwanstein

    AATG Trip 2013 - Marienbrücke with Neuschwanstein in the background.



    EF Trip 2014 - Marienplatz in München 


    neuschwanstein again

    AATG Trip 2015 - In front of Neuschwanstein again


    Yea boy

    AATG Trip 2016 - In front of the cathedral in Köln



    AATG Trip 2017 - In Regensburg



    AATG Trip 2018 - In front of castle Hohenschwangau



    AATG Trip 2019 - In front of the Alte Saline in Bad Reichenhall