• There is a plethora of material and apps to help you be successful inside and outside of class. Remember, a language requires constant practice and contact to be retained, so finding and utilizing these (just some examples) will help your journey to German Awesomeness.



    Socrative - We will use this in class a lot for activities. Very fun!

    Dict.cc - GREAT German/English dictionary. Don't use Google translate.

    Tivisel - Get German TV streamed to your device.

    tfsRadio Germany - Like Tivisel, but with the radio!

    Google Classroom - Every class will have a Google Classroom, and the app makes it easy to participate!

    Dropbox - App or just online account. This will help turn in projects.


    Youtube, twitter:

    Deutsche Welle - great resource for learning German from a German news site.

    Deutsch für Euch - A German girl who explains a lot about grammar and vocabulary.



    Slowgerman.com - exactly what it sounds like.

    dw.com - Deutsche Welle's website, lots of ways to learn and interact with German