• Visual and Performing Arts Academy Admission Criteria
    The following factors will be considered when determining admission to the Visual and Performing Arts Academy:
    • Student participation and involvement within the realm of performing and visual arts both in and out of school
    • Grades from seventh grade and eighth grade reading/language arts, math, science, and social studies courses
    • Standardized test scores in math and reading
    • Teacher recommendation
    • Student activities, service, and awards within the visual and performing arts
    Note: School attendance and behavior issues may affect one’s acceptance to the Visual and Performing Arts Academy.
    The Visual and Performing Arts Academy admissions committee will evaluate each completed application and supporting materials. Please note that raw standardized reading and math test scores will be converted to a percentile. Our application and scoring criteria is as follows:
    Involvement in visual and performing arts 30 points possible (with a weighted multiplier of 2 totaling 60)
    Grades in seventh and eighth grade 24 points possible
    Standardized test scores 12 points possible
    Teacher recommendation 20 points possible
    Student involvement in Go College 5 point bonus
    Students in the Visual and Performing Arts Academy are required to complete 27 credits for graduation. Each student is also required to successfully complete one AP (advanced placement) course or a dual enrollment course. 6.5 of the student’s elective courses are required to be within the realm of the visual and performing arts. The core content curriculum is demanding and students work closely with other highly motivated students. The faculty and staff of the Visual and Performing Arts Academy are committed to providing students with a challenging and engaging high school program.