• Visual and Performing Arts Academy Admission Criteria
    The following factors will be considered when determining admission to the Visual and Performing Arts Academy:
    • Student participation and involvement within the realm of performing and visual arts both in and out of school
    • Grades from seventh grade and eighth grade reading/language arts, math, science, and social studies courses
    • Standardized test scores in math and reading
    • Teacher recommendation
    • Student activities, service, and awards within the visual and performing arts
    Note: While behavior/discipline is not part of the admission criteria for the VPA, prior significant behavioral issues (student history of repeated suspendable offenses and/or commission of one or more expellable offense as defined by the Student Handbook) may affect a student’s acceptance to the Visual and Performing Arts Academy, especially if there are more applicants than available slots in the VPA at that time. Students with a more positive behavioral history will be weighted more favorably to otherwise equal applicants who have previously had significant behavioral issues in school.
    The Visual and Performing Arts Academy admissions committee will evaluate each completed application and supporting materials. Please note that raw standardized reading and math test scores will be converted to a percentile using the conversion chart. Our application and scoring criteria is as follows:
    Involvement in visual and performing arts 20 points available
    Grades in seventh and eighth grade 48 points possible
    Standardized test scores 12 points possible
    Teacher recommendation 20 points possible
    Student involvement in Go College 5 point bonus
    Students must maintain credit to graduate on-time with the required 26 credits. You can view the full graduation requirements here. Students must maintain the concentration of Visual and Performing Arts electives and have a minimum of six credits in the VPA before graduation.
    Student progress within VPA will be assessed quarterly. If a student is failing to maintain passing grades or other VPA requirements, the student will be placed on an Individual Recovery Plan. The student and his/her parents will be given a copy of the Individual Recovery Plan. After one full semester on an Individual Recovery Plan, a student may be removed from the VPA if appropriate recovery has not been achieved, as described by the Plan. Removals from the VPA shall take place at semester ends.
    A student may apply for re-admission to the VPA after removal if it is possible for him/her to acquire the requisite requirements for graduation from VPA within the typical 4-year period.