• Belief Statements

    We believe the following:
    • It is the school's responsibility to provide and preserve a safe and caring environment for students.
    • The students will be prepared to be productive and successful citizens if we provide them with an atmosphere conducive to learning, a staff dedicated to high academic standards, and a curriculum that addresses the needs of all students.
    • Education is the shared responsibility of the school's faculty and administration, the students and his or her family, and the community both locally and nationally.
    • Excellence is obtained by continually challenging and supporting students to exceed their perceived abilities.
    • Education is a balance of commitments to the academic, technological, and personal growth of each individual.
    • The academic environment encourages continual discovery of knowledge and active engagement of learning.
    • The school creates and fosters a climate that respects individual diversity.
    • The visual and performing arts are vital to the school culture. Community service is an integral part of character development.