• The Application Process and Criteria for Acceptance

    The following will be considered when determining admission to Collegiate Academy:

    • Standardized test scores or projections in reading
    • Standardized test scores or projections in math
    • Grade point average (GPA) from seventh grade and eighth grade reading/language arts, math, science, and social studies courses
    • Teacher recommendation
    • Student activities, service, and awards

    Note: attendance and behavior issues may affect your acceptance to Collegiate Academy. Collegiate Academy's admissions committee will evaluate each completed application and supporting materials. Please note that raw standardized reading and math test scores will be converted to a percentile.

    Standardized Test Scores

    Keystone Projections

    This information is on record in Erie's Public Schools, provided that we have at least three years worth of testing data for the student.

    This information is provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to all public and charter schools. Projections are based on PSSA scores taken during grades 3–7.  

    Private and parochial schools will enter their National Percentile (NPR) from TERRA NOVA and or ACT Aspire standardized tests. 

    Students currently enrolled in Erie's Public Schools

    Students who currently attend one of Erie's Public Schools do not need to enter this information; the admissions committee will enter each student's PSSA projection, which we will get from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. This projection is based on statistical evidence from previous standardized testing and represents what the state believes your score would have been if you had taken the PSSA.

    Students currently enrolled in a public school outside of Erie's Public Schools (county, charter, or homeschooled)

    County public, charter, and homeschool students must contact their guidance department to obtain their PSSA projections. You will place those numbers in the standardized test scores section of the online application, which is the first part of the application.

    Students currently enrolled in private/other non-public schools

    You may submit standardized test scores from 6th or 7th grade (TerraNova or Stanford tests). National Percentile Rank (NPR) will be used to interpret standardized test scores for total reading and math.

    Application Scoring

    Reading standardized test or projections Maximum Points = 99
    Math standardized test or projections Maximum Points = 99
    GPA (language arts, math, science and social studies) Maximum Points = 100
    Teacher recommendation Maximum Points = 84
    Base Score Maximum 382 Points
    Activities, service, and awards Maximum Points = 18
    Maximum Total Application Score 400 Points

    Much is expected of Collegiate Academy students, including successful participation in the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) program, taking advantage of opportunities for college dual enrollment, and participation in state- and national-level competitions. The curriculum is demanding, and students work closely with other highly motivated students. As such, successful candidates typically achieve more than 310 points on their base score. The faculty and staff of Collegiate Academy are committed to providing their students with a challenging and engaging high school program.

    Application Process

    Applications should be submitted online. The online application process includes the electronic submission of one teacher recommendation form.  

    Prospective students who do not attend one of Erie's Public Schools will also need to submit paper transcripts from 7th and 8th grade, along with standardized test scores in reading and math, by mail or by email at collegiateadmissions@eriesd.org.

    Early Acceptance

    • Standardized test scores in both math and reading must fall in the top 60th percentile or higher, and
    • The base score must be at least 310.
    • Early acceptance is for incoming freshmen only. Transfer students' applications will not be reviewed until March or April.

    Standard Acceptance

    • Standardized test scores in both Math and Reading must fall in the top 50th percentile or higher.
    • The base score must be at least 310.

    Alternative Acceptance

    • Standardized test scores: the math or reading score must be above the 40th percentile, and the other score (math or reading) must be above 50th percentile.
    • The base score must be at least 300.
    • Student Activities, Service, and Awards score + the base score must total a base score of at least 310.

    A waiting list may be established based on current and expected enrollment.

    Note: attendance and behavior issues may affect your acceptance to Collegiate Academy.