• School Garden
    The Collegiate school garden has proven to be a huge success in its first year of implementation,  Four master gardeners helped plan the pollinator garden, espalier pear tree, clematis and marigold garden and herb spiral.  This fall, we opened our composters to find rich, organic soil made from fresh fruit and vegetable waste collected from the cafeteria last year.  A fence was installed in September to enclose the area within Veteran's stadium and future plans include the planting of vegetables in the spring.
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    Jefferson Students Visit Collegiate Garden
    Third graders from Jefferson Elementary brought the vegetable plants they had grown from seed in their classrooms to show Collegiate students how to plant them in the raised beds. Together, the students planted tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, flowers and herbs. They also played games and truly enjoyed each other's company. We will definitely be planting again next spring!
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