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    This team is committed to improving the recycling program at Collegiate. They conducted a waste audit which involved collecting, sorting, and weighing all trash generated in one school day. The results showed that 70% of recycling and trash bins in the classrooms were contaminated and 17% of the waste was paper. They have made recommendations to reduce paper waste and are sending teams of students to document what classrooms are not in compliance. They hope to conserve resources and save money at the same time by reducing paper usage and waste production.  Teachers are encouraged to used one-sided paper in their printers.

    The team energized the school to participate in the competition titled “RecyleBowl” in the fall of 2013.  For one month, green team students collected recyclables from classrooms which proved to greatly improved compliance.

    The team recently purchased new recycling bins for the hallways, are conducting a used textbook collection and encouraging teachers to go “electronic” instead of receiving paper check stubs.