• Electricity

    Learning Targets:

    1. Define the SI unit of charge
    2. Identify the basic carries of positive and negative charges
    3. Explain the concept of conservation of charge
    4. Explain the concepts of insulators, conductors, and semiconductors as they relate to their ability to conduct electric charges
    5. Explain the concepts of charge conduction and charge induction
    6. State Coulomb’s law
    7. Apply Coulomb’s law to systems of static charges
    8. Define electrical current
    9. Define an electric circuit
    10. Explain the concepts of ammeters and voltmeters as they apply to measuring electrical characteristics in a circuit
    11. Explain the concept of electrical resistance
    12. Explain resistance and resistivity
    13. Use the equation for resistivity to determine the resistance of objects
    14. Apply resistance to electrical systems
    15. State Ohm’s law
    16. Use Ohm’s law to relate current, voltage, and resistance in simple electrical circuits
    17. Derive the expression for electrical power and apply to simple electrical systems
    18. Describe concepts of emf, terminal voltage, internal resistance, and load resistance
    19. Determine the current output and power delivered by an emf source
    20. Derive expressions for the equivalent resistance for networks of series and of parallel resistors
    21. Determine the resistance of a network of resistors
    22. Analyze basic circuits to determine the circuits’ electrical characteristics


    1. Electric Charge and Electrostatics
    2. Coulomb's Law
    3. Resistance and Ohm's Law
    4. Simple Circuits
    5. Circuit Diagrams


    1. Coulomb's Law Worksheet
    2. Resistance Worksheet
    3. Ohm's Law Worksheet
    4. Circuit Diagram Worksheet


    1. Electrostatic Lab
    2. Battery Lab
    3. DC Circuit Lab