• Dna  Hello Biology Students!

    We are beginning our 3rd week of shut down at Erie High.  Good news: you're no longer required to take the Biology Keystone exam in May! BUT, we don't want you to get out of practice reading, writing, thinking and engaging in science topics.  Therefore, I have uploaded some lessons on Ecology, Evolution and Coronavirus in the classroom resoursces and Web Resources tabs. Choose a few that look interesting to you to complete.  Nothing will be graded at this point.

    If you have a topic of interest that is biology related and you are interested in learning about please email me at:  lcramer@eriesd.org.

    Stay safe:  remember to wash your hands and eat corlorful fruits and vegetables to stay healthy!!!fruits and vegs





    Any questions?  Email Ms. Cramer at:  lcramer@eriesd.org

    Ms. Cramer

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  • Meteo Dear Meteorolgy Students,

    During the time of Erie High School shut down, I will be posting assignments which will keep you practicing your science skills and keeping up with Meteorology content.  My understanding is these assignments will not be graded, but are intended to help you continue your learning, so we don't get behind during the pandemic.  

    I will have assignments posted on the Classroom Resources page, which require reading, paper and pencil to complete.  You could also print these documents and work that way.

    I will post some links on the Web Resources page.  These will give you access to video links, reading and quizzes, which are pertinent to Meteorology content.  Again, these assignments won't be graded, but are designed to support your continued learning through this pandemic.

    Remember to wash your hands and eat your fruits and vegetables!!!

    Any questions?  Email Ms. Cramer at:  lcramer@eriesd.org

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