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                     Wilson Middle School



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    Good morning


    I cannot believe it has been more than a month since I have seen all of you!! March- Friday the 13th!


    Over the past week, I have reached out to talk to you and your families-so has of many of your other teachers- to make sure you're okay and ready for Monday.

    We will be beginning Google Classroom- online classes on Monday, April 20th, 2020. This will be a new experiences for all of us. It should be exciting and engaging not stressful. 


    If You have not done so already:

    First: Please go to the Erie School District Website  https://www.eriesd.org  look for  ONLINE LEARNING INFORMATION - Click on the orange text right below to go to the online learning portal. Once you are there, scroll down to complete the 3 steps on the website.



    Please go to your email. ** see attached document if you do not know how to do this. You should have received an invite for each of your classes.

    If not: go to  https://classroom.google.com  ** see attached document


    Your Erie School District's email and password are:


               regular computer password



    ****it is very important that your child is logged into their eriesd.org account and using his/her eriesd.org email in google classrooms.

    ***** It will not work if they are using anything else, or someone else is logged in!!



    To get entered in each of your classes, there are 2 ways of doing this... (1.) Each of your teachers have emailed a link to go directly to their classes. Click on the links and you will be directly entered into the class. (2.) Go to http://classroom.google.com and enter the codes manually and then you will be included in the classes. 

    Enter the Google Classroom Code for each class

    NAME's Google Classroom Codes


    MATH:    code  37ut4cs

    ELA:    code  z56moiz

    Social Studies: code    pkpzs76

    Science:    code  nrjqawl


    ****YOU need to sign into each class.****

    **** YOU should also receive links from your Related Arts classes as well****


    For those of you that are struggling to get logged in, you do have to follow the steps carefully.  The first step is creating a new account.  If you do that correctly, everything else falls into place.  If you are still struggling-please email me with your question or state "please call me" and include your phone #.

    I will return your call. When I do- it will come up PRIVATE NUMBER VALID NUMBER. 


    Thank you and have a great weekend.




    Mr. Robert Kreider

    8th grade Special Education Emotional Support Teacher

    Room 2

    Wilson Middle School