• protective services

    Protective Service
    sInstructor(s): Mr.Dolak and Mr. Fink

    Length: 4 years

    If you are community-minded, protective of those around you, and concerned for the rights of others, then public safety would be a great career choice. Our Protective Services program focuses on the techniques, methods and procedures used in criminal justice as well as rescue and emergency response. You will get classroom and practical experience to jump start your career as a police officer, firefighter, or emergency medical technician. Your coursework will get you ready mentally and physically to enter the police academy, firefighter school, or other public safety programs. Your studies also will prepare to earn your First-Aid, CPR, and EMT certifications.
    Year one - Students will rotate through all aspects of the protective services and criminal justice fields.
    Year Two through graduation - students will specialize in Criminal Justice or firefighting

    Our programs has a partnership with Mercyhurst College allowing you to earn six college credits while still in high school.