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    Michelle Montevecchio     
    Erie High School
    814-874-6200, ext. 1578
    Room 208
    English 12 (British Literature): 12th grade English is a British literature course. Students will explore literature from various historical literary periods including: The Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Era, English Renaiassance, Restoration and Enlightenment, and Flowering Romanticism. Students will read, analyze, and respond to literary genres including, but not limited to: poetry, drama, satire, the essay, short story, ballad, and nonfiction. This course is aligned with Pa. Common Core Standards.
     Class Schedule
     A2: English 12  B1: English 12H
     A3: English 12  B3: English 12H
     A4: English 12  B4: English 12H
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    Extra help: Monday (8:15-8:40 A.M.) or by appointment.
    Students are required to obtain a 3-ring binder or at least a folder.