• Welcome to Machine trades room 181. 

        Mr Dudkiewicz. sdudkiewicz@eriesd.org


           Whats up guys, I hope everyone is doing well through these crazy times. I know how much you guys love machining. An email was sent to you on your school email with everything you need to log in to your new toolingU account. I have it set up for the NIMS test you are curently working on. If you could in the next couple days please go to toolingU and log in and watch the lessons. If you have any problems email me and we will get you set up. Thanks have a great day.


         Today I would like you all to write a 10 page essay on climb milling. April fools!! LOL got you HA. Todays assignment for real is watch class 5 on your toolingU account the link is above underlined in blue. One more thing have agreat day and besafe.


            I am still waiting on some of you to answer the Questions on RPM and speeds and feed. Your songs are great I am also waiting for some of you to turn that in also.


         Todays assignment with a cutter speed of 60 and a 3/8 drill whats the RPM of the drill. Email me the answer to the above email. thanks stay safe and happy monday.


       Happy Friday! We made it through are first week of online Machine Trades. Great job to those of you that are participating and doing your daily assignments. Today we are gonna do something a little different. 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades answer the following questions. Submit your answer to my email sdudkiewicz@eriesd.org

      1) What is the differance between a 3/8 drill and a 3/8 reamer when it pertains to speed (RPM) and feed?

      2) Now lets get creative. Write a song, rap song, or poem about speeds and feeds. It can be 10 versus or just one

    Email me your finished product at sdudkiewicz@eriesd.org

          The student with the best song, poem, or rap song will get one free period once we get back to school..


      Whats up guys? Hope everthings going well and you guys are staying out of trouble. Your assignment for today is watch class 4 and take the final exam in toolingU. 

    Assignments are as follows.

          Freshman, Measurement Material and Safety, Class 4- Overview of Thread Fastener 117.

          Sophmore, Benchwork and Layout, Class 4- Overview of Thread Fastener 117.

          Jason, Danada, Nicole, Turning, Class 4 Blueprint Reading131.

          Kerry, Pla, Montrell, Jeremy, Yashar, Drill Press, Class 4- Blueprint Reading 131

          Marcus, Alex, Jasavion, Surface Grinding, Class 4- Basic of Surface Grinder 231 


       Good morning gang.I want to thank the students that are doing these super easy assignments. When we get back and you have some teacher to see or a club to go to, the students participating will be granted permision so the ball is in your hand what you going to do with it.Todays assignment watch toolingU class 3 take final exam. Classes  are as follows.

         Freshman,Measurment material and Safety, Class 3-Intr to Fastener Threads 110

         10th graders, Benchwork and Layout, Class 3- Intro to Fastener 110

          Jason,Danada, Nicole, Turning, Class3- Basic of Tolerance 121

         Kerry, Pla, Montrell, Yashar, Je remy, Drill Press, Class 3- Basic of Tolerance 121

          Marcus, Alex, Jasavion, Surfacegrinder, Class 3- Basic Grinding Theory 221

      Have a great day stay safe, WASH your HANDS. Any questions please reachout.


      Good morning I hope everyone understood and collected a lot of information from yesterdays lesson. I cannot express enough if you are confused or have any questions PLEASE reachout and email me. Todays assignment is  class 2 watch the video and take the final exam. 

         Freshman, Measurment Material and Safety, Class 2- Safety for Assembly 105

         10th grade, Bench Work and Layout, Class 2- Safety for Assembly 105

          Marcus, Alex, Jasavion, Surface grinder, Class 2- Grinding safety 211

          Kerry, Pla, Montrell,Yashar, Jeremy, Drill Press, Class2- Basic Measurement 101

          Jason, Dannada, Nicole, Turning, Class 2-Basic Measurment 101 


       Happy Monday gang todays assignment is as follows.

        9th grade, measurment material and safety, Class 1- Intro to assembly 101.

        10th graders, Bench work and Layout, Class 1- Intro to assembly 101.

        11th and 12th grades, Class 1- Intro to assembly 101.

      Watch the assigned toolingU video and take the final exam. If you have any questions please email me any time. Remember I will be watching your progress with each lesson.




    All students can work on Smart Futures. There is a link to the Smart Futures website on the Erie School District Student page or students may sign in directly at smartfutures.org.


    Student usernames: eriesd******  (******= is YOUR student ID #). For example eriesd864378

    Student password: is the same password you use to log in to the computers at school.