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    Choose one of the 4 articles below or you can go to English-Online to choose one of the many, many articles there. Write the title of the article and 2 interesting facts that you learned on a piece of lined paper.


    1. “Felipe Nunes”

    Thrasher Magazine

    Felipe lost his legs playing on a moving train with friends at six years old. A skateboard was his ticket out of a wheelchair and into a world of freedom and adventure.



    2.“The Problem with People, not Pit Bulls”

    Time Magazine

    This article argues against the common idea that pit bulls are a dangerous breed.  It explains how pit bulls  have gotten their bad reputation and why they do not deserve it.



    3."Daryl Morey was right": Shaq speaks out on NBA-China controversy”

    CBS News

    Morey tweeted in support of the anti-government protesters on October 4, saying, "Fight for Freedom, Stand with Hong Kong." As a result, several Chinese partners cut ties with the NBA, its largest broadcaster refused to air preseason games taking place in the country and the government called for Morey to be fired.



    4."Where Will We Find Enough Food for 9 Billion?”

     National Geographic

    When we think about threats to the environment, we tend to picture cars and smokestacks, not dinner. But the truth is, our need for food poses one of the biggest dangers to the planet. By 2050, our population will explode to 9 Billion.  We will need twice as much food to feed everyone.  The problem is that farming and raising livestock is one of the greatest contributors to pollution.  This article offers a solution to this problem.

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