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    Name: Michelle Lourens        

    Work for the week of March 23rd is posted in class resources.  Also, I have posted the link for Membean to help you practice your vocabulary under web resources.  If you are able try to log in to Membean at least three times for 15 minutes each session. Then when you come back you can impress me with all of your new vocabulary.  

    I will be posting all of the 3rd quarters assignments in class resources in case you are missing anything.  You can complete it however possible.  Feel free to take a picture and e-mail it to me.  I will grade missing assignments and update the gradebook.  I will also attach links for the texts.  
    I will miss you all and will check my e-mail frequently.  Be safe and take care.  Enjoy the unexpected time with your family.  
    Mrs. Lourens