• Horticulture / Landscaping Management

    Instructor(s): Mr. DiLuzio and Mrs. Beck
    Length: 4 years


    More Information

    If you have a green thumb, our Horticulture/Landscape Management program will give you the technical knowledge and practical skills you need to produce, process and market plants, shrubs and trees for outdoor landscaping and interior plantscaping. You'll gain the management and interpersonal communication skills needed to establish, manage and market a horticulture enterprise, a major career path in the US today.

    Your coursework will cover basic landscape design, brick ornamentation, and outdoor beautification projects. And our program grows culinary herbs in partnership with the Erie School District food service.

    Requirements / Expectations

    A desire to learn mechanical skillsA desire to work out of doors
    Average or above reading, writing, math and science skills
    The stamina to stoop and lift heavy objects in the creation and maintenance of landscape or green house setting