• Welcome to Pre-Engineering!
    Name: Mimi McCorkle
    School: Erie HIgh School
    E-Mail: mmccorkle@eriesd.org
    School Phone: 814-874-6200 x1557
    Room #: 170
    Classes: Engineering Basic (9th Grade) / Advanced Engineering (11th Grade)

    All Students: April 20th we will be transitioning to online classwork with daily assignments for the 4th quarter.  Make sure you check your student email for invitations to join the Google Classroom.  All assignments will be posted from now on in Google Classroom.

    The Google Classroom Codes

    • 9th Grade: darmvkj
    • 11th Grade: atrwqv3
    Robobot Teams:
    I will still be updating the website if I recieve any announcements regarding competition.  Please check weekly for updates.
    Student Enrichment Activities: 
    1. Please check the Homework Link https://www.eriesd.org/Page/5834 for weekly for assignments and activites to keep you busy during your stay at home.  
    2. Please work on Smart Futures (Career Readiness Activities).  You can find directions and link in the homework link.
      • 9th Grade (3 Activities minimum)
      • 11th Grade (8 Activities minimum)


    Robobot Teams:

    I will keep you updated on the Robobot link page (https://www.eriesd.org/Page/18634).  If you have your robots at home send me updated pictures so we all can see your progress.  If you do not have your robot I will try and get your robot to you so you can practice as soon as I am allowed to enter the school.