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    Mr. Jovanovich

    My email is ajovanovich@eriesd.org

    If you have any questions or concerns please email me!

    For any updates please refer to the website www.eriesd.org 

    Each week I will update assignment for students who wish to complete them.  These lessons will be a review of informaiton we have learned thus far.  I have attempted to include information that will be interesting to the students to keep your mind working while we have this extra time off from school! 



    Click on the Classes/Assignment tab on the left.  Once you are there, find your class and look at the assignment!  If you have any questions let me know! To submit any work you can email it to me.  You can just type the information into an email.  You can create a word document and attach it.  You can also write it on a piece of paper and we will find a time to collect the work. Feel free to work on any of the assignments with a friend or family member!  Good luck and thank you, Stay SAFE, and ONCE AGAIN - CONTACT ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS. 




    Being stuck at home is not very fun! Please follow the directions of the CDC and the government to try to keep each other safe!  When you wash your hands wash them for 30 seconds in HOT water with soap! This is a new situation and there has not been a similar event in the World Since the Spanish Flu in 1918, over 100 years ago!  Therefore we must be patient as we await furter instructions from the National Government (President Trump, Congress (the senators and House of Representatives), The School District (Superintendent Polito), The school adminitration (Mr. Orlando, Ms. Mack), and our teachers (ME!). CHeck the school website each day so you are informed on what is expected of you.  


    Perhaps this would be a great time to practice something productive.  Have you always wanted to play that old guitar laying around your house?  Have you ever heard a song and thought "I could do that"  Have you wanted to learn a new language?  Do you have a book you've been wanting to read?  Use this time to get caught up on something you want to learn! Youtube is a great source and can teach you almost anyting you desire!