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    Allow me to introduce myself:


    I am the Sports Medicine Instructor at Erie High School, and I have the privilege of working with your child over the course of this school year.  It is my hope that once your child completes my course they will have developed the clinical and employability skills necessary to obtain a rewarding job in the medical field. 

    I have worked in the industry for 12 years now.  I started as an athletic trainer with East Suburban Sports Medicine, outside of Pittsburgh in 2006 where I served as the Athletic Trainer for Penn Hills Middle School for 1 year. Once that school year was completed, I decided to take a job with Hamot Sports Medicine. I was the Head Athletic Trainer at Seneca High School for 9 years and Central Tech for 1 year.  Then, when the 3 high schools merged, I worked for Saint Vincent Hospital for the fall of 2017 at Girard High School as a per diem athletic trainer.  In October of 2017, I began teaching at Erie High School. 

     The level I and II students (grades 9&10) at the end of the course will be able to identify and follow the basics of safety and sanitation in the medical field.  They will also be taught several beginner level lab activities, such as: taking and recording vital signs of patients, obtaining height and weight measurements, joint taping techniques, and several more.  I will teach Anatomy and Physiology as well as Medical Terminology(during which students will learn at least 1,000 medical terms) as well as an introduction to the Sports Medicine field, while following the school curriculum and text book.  During the course of the curriculum, I will be working with the students hands on so that they can apply what they are learning in the text to everyday tasks and situations in the medical field.  My goal is to also stimulate the students to be able to not only apply what they are learning but to increase their critical thinking skills along the way. 

    For the level III and IV students (grades 11 and 12) will learn more detailed Anatomy and Physiology to go along with various injuries, signs, symptoms, evaluations, assessments, and rehab techniques.  The year IV students will also be preparing for their NOCTI exam during the course of their 12th grade year.

    Communication is vital to your child’s success in this program. I hope to make this class not only interesting for the students but a fun learning process as well. Please, do not hesitate to contact me with your questions and concerns.  I am very excited about starting the new school year with this fine group of Sports Medicine and Rehab Aide students.





    Mr. Friedrich, LAT, ATC

    Erie High School Sports Medicine and Rehab Aide Instructor