• Computer Programming


    Instructor: Mr. Rodney Knight
    Length: 1 years



    • Students will learn Basic Computer Concepts, Computer Logic and Numbering Systems with proficiency 
    • Students will also survey the basics of Local and Wide Area Networking with proficiency
    • Students will Develop integrated applications in the Visual Studio.net Environment with proficiency
    • Demonstrated by passing at least two industry credentials below. In addition to OSHA 10.

    More Information

    Our IT Academy will give you the wide range of skills you need to advance in today's computer science industry. Your training will cover everything including basic programming, development of software applications, and LAN and WAN networking concepts in the Microsoft framework. It will help you develop you analytical and logical thinking skills as well as your creativity in troubleshooting problems, designing applications.

    You will get training on variety of software programs including Microsoft Visual C#

    During your course of study, you will prepare for the Internet and Computing Core (IC3) and the Computer Technology Industry Association's Comp TIA A+ certifications exams. Qualified fourth-year students will be eligible for co-op programs with area businesses and organizations.



    Computing Technology Industry Association

    IT Fundamentals

    Computing Technology Industry Association


    Computing Technology Industry Association


    Computing Technology Industry Association


    Computing Technology Industry Association

    Certified Electronics Technician Associate (CETa)

    Electronics Technicians Association, International

    Student Electronics Technician (SET)


    Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)


    Microsoft Office Specialist - Access


    Microsoft Office Specialist - Excel


    Microsoft Office Specialist - PowerPoint


    Microsoft Office Specialist - Word


    Certified Novell Administrator (CNA)


    Oracle Certification-Certification path based on product



    OSHA 10



    Electronics Technicians Association, International


    Program Description

    In this program, students learn the basics of computer design, the foundations of information technology and the fundamentals of computer operation.  Students learn to create document related to information technology using word processing/publishing software for documentation.  They create a relational database, spreadsheets for real-world business problems as well as presentations, using the appropriate presentation software.  Students also learn about network fundamentals: elements required to connect to the internet, internet addressing, delivery methods of internet service providers (ISPs), types and features of web browsers, file transfer mechanisms, communication ettiquette and searching.  Basics of computer programming include C# and C++ as well as some JavaScript and other programming languages.  Students learn to design, create, debug and document a program.  Students are also exposed to computer graphics and interactive media required for entertainment and presenations.  Principles of layout and design using storyboards are taught and applied to multiple projects. Students create applications using master slides, templates and themes; create objects using graphic design software and complete projects that incorporate charts, graphs and tables into the application.  Students are also prepared for client relations, communication with customers, assessing client needs, job cost analysis and writing, delivering and executing a client contractual agreement.  Students learn about the legal and ethical issues in cyber security, copywrite laws, computer crimes and licensing agreements.