• Welcome! Feel free to reach out to me during this unprecedented time. Under the "Meet the Teacher" page is how to reach me on the remind app or how to upload photos to the artsonia app. I am available on Remind or email for more specific guidance if needed. 

    During all of our self-quarantine time, there are resources and assignments listed under the class resource page. For this week, I posted 2 weekly challenges for students to complete and start a 30-day daily drawing challenge, #CovidBored2020, on March 23rd. 

    There are also resources if you need to find something interesting to do and kill some time. There's a really cool "game" called Strata Sculpt 3D where you can play with virtual clay to create things. There's also resources to visit virtual museums, zoos, and galleries along with reading about artworks and watching The Great Pottery Throwdown. I will be adding more resources as I come across them. 

    I also added the Art Contest section for a variety of art contests that are local, national, and international. 

    Feel free to email me your photos and I will post the coolest ones to the Erie High Art Facebook page. Since we're all stuck at home, why not do something creative?!