• Word Work

    Word Work

    Read a book with some one at home.  Identify long and short vowel words through out the book.  Record on your paper and thn use 5 of those words in a new sentence.

    Rainbow Write

    Choose 10 of your favorite words from previous activity amd write them in different color markers.

    Boggle Words

    Cut out the letters and see how many words you can make.  Try it with the whole family to see who can make the most!

    Letter Grab Bag

    Cut up your letter tiles.  Place in a bag.  Pull out 8 letters and place them on the top of the page.  No see how many words you can make using those 8 letters!

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  • ABC Mouse



    They are currently offering a free 30 day trials to allow access to great educational tools.

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  • PBS Kids



    This is a great site for fun learning activities and games!

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  • Go noodle



    This is a great website with fun songs that have students dance, follow directions, and get moving!  Do it as a family for even more fun!


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