• Keep a Journal


    This would be a great time to keep a journal.  This is a historical time in the world; none of us have ever seen anything quite like it.  You will probably tell your children and grandchildren about what it was like to live through this.  A journal is a great way to record how you have been spending your time.  You could keep track of how the world, our country, state, and community have been reacting to it. Writing out how you feel about everything can help you express and sort out mixed feelings and can even help you cope with anxiety.  Some people prefer to write in a notebook, adding sketches and doodles, others might prefer to use an app.  A couple really cool ones I found were Day 1 Journal and Diary, but there are many others.  You can even add pictures and track your mood in them.  They also both have passwords to keep your entries private. You can click on these images to follow a link to learn more about them. 

    Day One App                               Diary App




  • Articles


    English-Online has many articles on a wide range of topics that have been modified for readers learning English.