• Class Resources


    Google Classrooms

    • Beginning April 20th, all students will begin mandatory long-distance learning in Google Classrooms
    • To join our class, you can either accept my email invitation or use the class code on the welcome page.
    • Every Monday, I will be posting two learning assignments that will be due that Friday.  
    • The assignments will all be electronic, so you can complete them online and then email them to me.
    • All of these assignments will be graded and make up your 4th quarter grade.
    • If you have any questions or need help, just email me.  I will be happy to help you.
  • Additional Learning Opportunities

    1. Write every day in a journal- use a notebook or an app- tell your story!
    2. Escape into a good book.  Destiny Discover has tons of ebooks you can access for free.  I even posted your reading log :) Don't forget to find a book to read to your younger brothers and sisters.
    3. Were you enjoying your Bluford Series book?  You can listen online for free.
    4. Not feeling a book? Check out the links for interesting articles on a wide variety of topics.


    ********* I miss all of you and would love to hear from you.  How are you doing?  What have you been up to?  Do you have everything you need? jcosme@eriesd.org ***********

  • Enrichment Reading Passages and Reading Guides


    If you would like extra practice using your reading skills, you can complete the following assignments.  Type your answers into the document and email it to me if you would like me to look them over for you.  Just do your best.  If you have any questions, you can reach me at jcosme@eriesd.org.


  • Keep a Journal


    Besides the assignments above, this would be a great time to keep a journal.  This is a historical time in the world; none of us have ever seen anything quite like it.  You will probably tell your children and grandchildren about what it was like to live through this.  A journal is a great way to record how you have been spending your time.  You could keep track of how the world, our country, state, and community have been reacting to it. Writing out how you feel about everything can help you express and sort out mixed feelings and can even help you cope with anxiety.  Some people prefer to write in a notebook, adding sketches and doodles, others might prefer to use an app.  A couple really cool ones I found were Day 1 Journal and Diary, but there are many others.  You can even add pictures and track your mood in them.  They also both have passwords to keep your entries private. You can click on these images to follow a link to learn more about them. 

    Day One App                               Diary App




  • Destiny Discover


    As a student in the Erie School District, you have access to Destiny Discover, a whole library of electronic books, for free. You login with the same information you use to login to the computers at school.


            Destiny Discover Login Page


                    Username: Your lunch number

                    Password: Your unique password that you use to login to the computers at school 


    Once you are logged in, you'll want to scroll down until you see the ebooks and click see all.  You'll see the books you like in the Grades 5-8 and Young Adult sections if you click on Interest Level in the Filter Menu on the left.  Once you find a book and open it, you can adjust the text size, highlight, and even have the book read to you.  You'll notice there are books for younder children, too- read to your little brothers and sisters!


    Bluford Series Audiobooks


    Many of you have been reading books from the Bluford Series.  You can listen to the whole series for free on the Bluford Series Audiobooks Website.



  • Reading Log


    You have all been doing so well developing successful reading habits.  Don't stop now!  Even if you can't print out your Reading Log, you can still make your own.  I have included the 6 Habits of Successful Readers page to help you write your responses- just keep scrolling after the Reading Log.

  • Articles


    English-Online has many articles on a wide range of topics that have been modified for readers learning English.


    Stay tuned for more article links to come.