Erie High School opened for the first time in the fall of 2017, the result of merging the the former Strong Vincent, East, and Central Tech high schools.  The staffs of the track and field programs from these schools came together with the goal of uniting the former teams to create a program worthy of continuing the rich athletic legacy of Erie's Public Schools.

In our inaugural year, sophomore Shania Knight became the first Erie High District 10 Track and Field Champion, winning the Girls Long Jump.  As a result, she was named to the Varsity All-District second team.  Erie High's first-ever Track and Field team also had four female athletes named to the Region 6 All Star Team.  These achievements reflect the hard work, dedication, and effort put forth by all the athletes and everyone involved in developing and supporting the program.

Our coaching priorities and philosophy fall into these areas:  First and foremost, we measure success by growing and improving EVERY individual on the team.  We encourage kids of all levels of skill and experience to join, and align them with events to maximize their opportunity to experience success and to have fun.  Second, we achieve team success by prioritizing fitness, strength and conditioning.  Competitive success on the track, in the pit, or on the pad starts with a fit, strong, and healthy body.  Third, we empasize the student-athlete model.  Our athletes must focus on their school work first and strive to do their very best in their classes.

Track and Field is a challenging and rewarding sport (and it's fun too!)  The coaching staff is dedicated and excited to help you set and reach your goals! If you're interested in joining or learning more about the program, please contact Head Coach Milton Robinson, or any of the coaches!

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