• Welcome to Culinary Arts!
    Name: Jillian Zelina-Anderson
    School: Erie High School
    Email: jzelina@eriesd.org
    Room #: 193
    Classes: Culinary Arts
    Welcome Message:  UPDATE: 4/1/20 The district announced today that we will be going forward with mandatory online classes beginning 4/20/20.  I have already set up our online classroom and emailed an invite to your district email (lunchnumber@eriesd.org  Pass: Computer Login Password).  When you get the invite email, you will be asked to enter a class code.  
    These are the codes:
    9th Grade: u4rlt44
    10th Grade: skcycgo
    11th  Grade ipvy3zg
    12th Grade zhosvro
    Welcome to my page.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me.  Under Class resourses you will be able to find all of the assignments that we are currently working on, a digital copy of our textbook, and login instructions for SmartFutures, OSHA, and Everfi.  
    Seniors can complete their five year plan (template is under Class Resources) and email the completed plan to me.

    All students can work on Smart Futures. There is a link to the Smart Futures website on the Erie School District Student page or students may sign in directly at smartfutures.org.


    Student usernames: eriesd******  (******= is YOUR student ID #). For example eriesd864378

    Student password: is the same password you use to log in to the computers at school.