• Below is the link for the Anatomy and Physiology Text book and the Sports Medicine and Rehab Aide text book, if you have already registered for an account. If you have not, first continue to the websites following the "directions for registering..."


    A & P/Introduction to Sports Medicine Text Books


    If you have already registered, you will be able log in and access the texts and/or assignments.

    If you have not registered yet, follow the links at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions to register an account for yourself.  


    Directions for Registering for online access to Anatomy and Physiology

     Type the link below into a web browser.

    • Click “Create user account” (using the username and password below will make it easier for you to access materials)
      1. Fill out the information required
      2. Username: lunch number
      3. Password: School district password
    • Once registered, log into the website and launch the course.
    • The link to login, can be found under “class resources” on my teacher web page. 

    **Let me know when you have registered so I can be sure you are on the roster**

    A & P online registration link:




    For those students who are also in Rehab Aide class, if you register for Anatomy and Physiology first:

    If you don't have to register for Anatomy and Physiology, just click the link below, create an account, then launch the course.

    1. click on the link below

    2. log in to your account

    3. Launch the Introduction to Sports Medicine text/class

    4. You should be good to go with any online assignments


    Rehab Aide/Sports medicine online registration link




  • Below is the link for the visible body website:

    Remember, once you click the link and are at the main web page for visible body, you need to click the ORANGE "launch anatomy and physiology" button to continue into the program.


    Visible Body

  • Here is the OSHA-10 website for students that need to finish this.

    OSHA Website

    Username: lunchnumber@eriesd.org (example: 123456@eriesd.org)

    Password: district computer password

  • Below is the link for smart futures:


    Smart Futures


    User name: eriesdlunchnumber (example: eriesd123456)

    Password: Your compassword for logging onto district computers


    9th graders need to have three (3) activities completed.

    10th graders need to have six (6) activities completed.

    11th graders need to have nine (9) activities completed.