• Mrs. Redenz, MEd, NCC
    School Counselor


    Hi!  As a counselor in the attendance department, I am here to help you get to school on time, and regularly.  Attendance is a key component to academic success, but sometimes there are barriers that get in the way of regular attendance.  Please reach out to us if you are experiencing any problems that are keeping you from attending school in-person or online. 

    We will work with you to find resources and solutions.  Please see my Resources page for links, numbers, and information about local organizations that offer help with housing, food, and more.

    Click here to schedule a virtual meeting.

    You can reach me via email at jredenz@eriesd.org or at 814-874-6255. 

    Excuses can be sent via email to ehsattendance@eriesd.org.

    For more information and updates, or another way to get in touch, check out the Attendance Department's Schoology group.



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