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    Michelle Montevecchio     
    Erie High School
    814-874-6200, ext. 1578
    Room A212
    English 12 (British Literature): 12th grade English is a British literature course. Students will explore literature from various historical literary periods including: The Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Era, The English Renaissance, The Restoration and Enlightenment, The Flowering of Romanticism, The Victorians and Modernism.  Students will read, analyze, and respond to literary genres including, but not limited to: poetry, drama, satire, the essay, short story, ballad, and nonfiction. This course is aligned with Pa. Common Core Standards.
     Class Schedule
     A: English 12H  B1: English 12
     A2: English 12  B2: English 12
     A3: English 12  B3: English 12
    Welcome Message: Dear Parents and Students,
    Welcome to my class (Ms. Bonnie Anderson, co-teacher, B3)
    Extra help: Monday (8:15-8:40 A.M.) or by appointment.
    Students will need to bring their computer/charger to class every day in order to access Schoology and HMH into Literature.
    The electronic version of the class syllabus is uploaded to Schoology. I will have paper copies available in the classroom.