• Daily/Weekly Class Assignments by Subject






    Daily watch one or two National Geographic 101 video and then email me 3 things...

    • What I Watched?
    • What I Learned?
    • What Questions I have?


    http://cincinnatizoo.org/news-releases/cincinnati-zoo-is-bringing-the-zoo-to-you/  "The Home Safaris" will start everyday at 3 p.m. EST. The first one will feature the world’s most famous hippo, Fiona.  To watch live, just visit the Zoo’s Facebook page at 3pm.  The Zoo will also post the safaris on its website and on YouTube so everyone can view. You can comment or ask questions live and they may respond to you. You can also take a quiz every day based on that days animal. Finally you can win tickets for your family to go to the Cincinnati Zoo.



    *Social Studies


               * Watch for 10 minutes daily


    https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/explore/states/   Click on this link and reseach a different state every day. Read the facts and then watch the video near the bottom of each states site. Email me the following:

    • What State you chose?
    • 5 facts you learned that you did not already know?
    • What specifically you learned from the video?
    • Have you, or would you like to, go to this state?




     Aleks.com  Login/password will be emailed (lunch#@eriesd.org) to each student in my class.

              Log into Aleks daily- about 30 minutes per day

    • Start with quicktables
    • Continue your path and complete 10 to 20 topics over the course of the week
    • Complete Knowledge Check if prompted to
    • Check email on Aleks for updates and please email me if you have questions
    • Check gradebook for assignments and to check your progress

    If you need your Aleks username and password please contact me rkreider@eriesd.org


    Khan Academy

    Week 1 "Fractions"  Click on link Here and complete the following links:

    1. Intro to fractions
    (Opens a modal)
    2.Cutting shapes into equal parts
    (Opens a modal)
    3. Identifying unit fractions word problem
    (Opens a modal)
    4. Recognize fractions
    (Opens a modal)
    5. Recognizing fractions greater than 1
    (Opens a modal)
    6. Identifying numerators and denominators
     "Complete the Quizes on right side to move up a level"









    *Language Arts

    Daily Activities

    *Read daily for 30 minutes (Books, magazines, comics, newspaper, etc.). Keep a daily/weekly log (on microsoft word) about what you read, how much you read, and a summary about what you read. Email me you daily/weekly log at least once a week.


    *Complete 20-30 minutes on Vocabulary practice at