•             Requirements 

    • Applications accepted 8th grade year
    • GPA 2.7 and above
    • 70% in Math and Science
    • Good attendance is mandatory
    • No behavior issues
    • A genuine interest in healthcare and health related careers is a MUST.

             Supplies Needed

    • Accordion folder or Large 3 Ring Binder
    • Large 3 Subject Notebook
    • Colored Pencils
    • Black Pens, #2 Pencils
    • Flash Drive
    • Index Cards
    •  A clinical rotation for qualified students during the 4th quarter Junior year.
    • Clearances are also being required for most Clinical sites as well.
    • Co-op(cooperative educational externship) Senior year for students that qualify.
                    Clearances - Health Records - Certifications     
    • Clearances needed add up to approximately $50.  See below for the descriptions and approximate cost.
    • Finger printing -  Approximately $27.50
    • Child abuse - Approximately $10.00
    • Criminal background check - Approximately $10.00
    • Bloodborne Pathogen Certification - Test and Certification given in class - Free
    • CPR - Certification and testing given at Central Tech or could possibly be obtained while at Clinical/Co-Op facility.
    • Students may have to have vaccinations updated.  Facilities require recent TB Testing to be done before contact with patients. This is a time sensitive test at a minimal cost.  Most family physicians can administer this test in office.
    • Please make sure students have vaccination and health records updated before their Junior year.
    • This makes the Clinical and Co-Op transition smoother for the human resource department, student, and instructor.