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    Mission Statement:


    The mission of the Erie’s Public Schools’ Health and Physical Education Department is to provide quality programs to encourage all students to sustain regular, lifelong physical activity as a foundation for a healthy, productive and fulfilling life.



    Vision Statement:


    The vision is for every student in Erie's Public Schools to achieve literacy in the areas of health, physical activity, and cultural diversity.  This will be accomplished through Quality Health and Physical Education Programs that include:


    ·         Instruction by Certified Health and Physical Education Teachers

    ·         Standards-Based, Sequential, K-12 Comprehensive Curriculum

    ·         Data Driven Instruction

    ·         Implementing Research-Based Best Practices

    ·         Differentiated instruction to accommodate learning and intercultural differences

    ·         Curriculum reviews to ensure consistency of implementation



    Our Vision and Mission will be supported by:


    ·         Providing equitable access to Quality Physical Education

    ·         Increasing Involvement with Families and Local Stakeholders

    ·         Increasing Engagement with Erie’s Public Schools Educational Community

    ·         Establishing a framework to ensure sustainability


    The overall goal of the Health and Physical Education Department is to create an exemplary program that sets the benchmark for excellence in an urban environment where confident students understand, apply and value lifelong physical fitness and health. All staff in the Health and Physical Education Department are certified in CPR and First Aid.